Oxygene Yo-Yos Italy 

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Oxy 3 

Several Oxygène models have been made since 1997. At this moment Carlo A. Menon is working on a pure A style yo-yo called Oxy 3 (it is the 3rd one he will produce in a small series, but more than 3 models were made in the past) and a proto is already in his hands for the tests. The latest proto shows perfectly how Oxy 3 will be: it weights about 70 grams. The materials
remain the same of elder models: titanium for the axle and a special aluminium alloy for the halves. The gap is adjustable and there's the opportunity of using American bearings besides European ones: this should be useful for those who difficultly find spare parts. Late in September some pieces will be disposable.

Oxy 3!
Oxy3 Axle
Oxy 3 Sideview
Oxy 3 gap

The Oxygène Family
Mini Oxy, Oxy 2 and Oxy 3

Mini Oxy, Oxy 3 and Oxy 2 Side View

Oxy 3 Prototype
Oxy 3 Prototype

The Oxygène in Motion
Oxy in Motion

Oxy 3

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