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Team Yo-Yo Maniacs
In June 1998 the Team Yo-Yo Maniacs (TYM) was founded by Eric Bergmann (UFO) and Markus Springer (Jumper). They meet the first time on the 5. June 1998 at a yo-yo workshop with Harry Baier. The team has 6 members and is located at the lake of constance in the south of Germany (near Switzerland and Austria).
If you want to see the Team Yo-Yo Maniacs live or want to book them for a yo-yo show, interview, competition or workshop, then just contact us at or call us at +491753206712.
Show experience for years, excellent press reviews and performances around the world are standing for one of the best yo-yo teams worldwide!


Flizzy UFO Jumper



DJ Styler SweetyK
YoYo Team Results Best Team Demo German Yo-Yo Masters 1999
4. German Yo-Yo Masters 2000
3. German Yo-Yo Masters 2003
2. German Yo-Yo Masters 2004
1. German Yo-Yo Masters 2005 - German National Yo-Yo Champion!

TYM honorary members